The Inter-institutional Media Challenge (IMC)
IMC is an annual media challenge for Universities/Institutes offering Journalism and Mass Communication as a major course in Uganda. The premise of IMC is to create a platform for aspiring journalists to exhibit their skills and talents but above all to expose their talents to media houses for possible employment opportunities. IMC is hinged on three categories; News anchoring and reporting, essay writing and photography competitions.

Based on the concept of replicating a live-TV studio situation, the Media Challenge pits journalism students against each other to produce a news bulletin. Simulating a TV newsroom scenario, students will identify a camera man, editor, reporters and anchors to produce a news bulletin. In this Challenge, students must gather their own stories, record them, voice them, write their own news script and present it in a real studio setting. Each university will send their best news anchor and a bulletin based on the stories covered by their reporters. The Anchor will be recorded presenting the prepared bulletin at the prestigious NTV studios to give them a real studio test. All the recorded work will be unveiled for mass viewing on large screen before a panel of judges.

Judgment Criteria
Judgment will be based on the following: content, voice quality (vitality and pace), diction and phonetic, pronunciation, pace and flair, articulation, posture, countenance, intonations, time management, Body language, style (identity, image, and creativity), eye contact and stage organization. In terms of production, judges will be looking out for best camera work and best edited work of the day.