The Futures Project


DW Akademie partnered with Media Challenge Initiative to launch “The Futures Project: Fostering Media Viability in East Africa. The approach of the Futures Project is to combine stakeholder forces (national and international experts, local media, innovators, etc.) to find new and profitable ways of generating and distributing quality journalistic content while reaching their audiences and satisfying the local information needs.  DW Akademie developed a model that takes into account that media viability implies more than money and sources of income. Other decisive aspects are the technological opportunities, new publishing models, media innovation, networking effects, a suitable content strategy taking into account the legal, political and economic environment of the media landscape.


 Today, we are talking about creating media viability through technological transformation.
Well, what exactly does that mean?  I think this is where we are all on a journey of exploration.  I consider the fourth industrial revolution as a journey of technoligical discovery that brings with it many challenges and uncertainty. It also brings opportunities to and enhance creativity, innovation and the development of talent and especially investvent in young people. The technological transformation has fundamentally altered the way we live, work, and relate to one another even the way, where, and how our children play. Kids are growing up with artificial intelligence and virtual reality as their play stations-READMORE

Panel Session: How to strengthen Media Viability in an Era of Digital Transformation and Uncertainty?


The Futures Project Launch

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"The Media viability project is about strengthening the media industry and should be treated as such since media is one sector where innovation can thrive in order to develop the nation".
Hon. Frank Tumwebaze
Minister of ICT and National Guidance
"The public service broadcaster is very important, it directly dictates and directs the narrative of any nation. A broadcaster is a direct depiction of what the country is all about. Standard needs to be set and if the national broadcaster is setting the example, media viability is possible, the national broadcaster needs support from all the private media entities".
Jane Kasumba
Broadcaster, lawyer and PR expert
“Trends in media in Africa and different countries kind of follow each other, Kenya looks at South Africa and Uganda looks at Kenya. Looking at different markets and identifying the issues that might raise will get the media the expected results.”
Tony Glencross
MD Nation Media Group
"The role of innovation and research on media viability in the time of digital disruption and changing journalism. The media isn’t willing to put resources in journalism because it is not about money, the lack of investment leads to low quality work that is being delivered by the end of the day. We need to be able to invest into the media in order to get the desirable outcome".
Gerald Businge
Award winning journalist, trainer, researcher and innovator

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