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The Media Challenge Awards are organized by the Media Challenge Initiative as a means of honoring and celebrating individuals and organizations doing exceptional work in the media industry in Uganda.The Awards are only open to students studying Media in Uganda.


Voting for the various categories is done online via The Media Challenge Initiative website:   

Who is eligible to vote?

Voting is restricted to media students only, as we believe that media students objectively understand the professional and technical qualities that make  a good broadcaster.   Media students will be required to present their registration number/University code for them to be able to vote.

Zahara Abdul receiving the Award

The TV legend award

The TV legend award will go to an individual/s who have been on the silver screens for a long time and have been consistent in the work. Such individuals have directly or indirectly inspired others using their career story on TV.

Media Visionary Award

This is a special accolade designed to celebrate and recognize media leaders for their vision and making a significant impact on the media industry in Uganda. Recipients of the media visionary award are honored for their contribution to the media industry and their potential to dictate media growth and strides in Uganda.

Radio Legend

This honorary award will go to individual/s who have stood the test of time on radio airwaves in Uganda and have stayed consistent and their work has inspired others to join the industry


The Rose Mary Nankabirwa Best Female News Anchor Award

This award recognizes a female news anchor that not only presents the news per se but also represents the whole complex nexus of all the elements of news presentation. Named in memory of former meticulous news anchor Rose Mary Nankabirwa, this award will go to a female news anchor identified by media students as the best engaging news presenter in the English language category

The Bbale Francis Best Male News Anchor Award

Named in memory legendary news anchor JEM Bbale Francis, this award goes to a male news anchor that not only provides dynamic presentation of news but also draws audiences through incorporation of wise commentary.

The Danny Kyazze Best Radio News Anchor Award

In memory of Dan Kyazze, one of Uganda’s longest serving news anchors with around 50 years experience, this award will go to a radio anchor that media students find fascinating, engaging, and informative and trust as a good source of news. 

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