Envisioned Campaign Challenge

Envisioned Campaign Challenge

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With Coronavirus a global pandemic now, the global economy is slowly shutting down with a lot of businesses closing operations and laying off workers. COVID19 has also created unprecedented conditions for societies around the world, destroying millions of livelihoods and creating uncertainty about the future. Job furloughs have not spared the media industry.

Many working journalists are either laid off or forced to work in difficult conditions during enforced lockdowns and at the risk of infection.  As a result, COVID19 has unleashed a second virus – that of fake news and distortions that have been amplified by fear and technology.

Our Imagination

Our “Reserve Force” is here to help with the fight against fake news and to sustain the journalism that the public need right now. The Reserve Force will stand in to support Ugandan journalists and reporting on Uganda during the pandemic.

Media houses worldwide are putting their journalists into shifts that work a period of 7/10 days apart in 2 groups. The Rationale is if one or two people get the virus that whole group will be rested and monitored for 7 to 10 days to see symptoms of the virus.

Worst case scenario is that the other safe group will be deployed to work throughout. Media then needs a *reserve force* of journalists that are ready to jump in to the calling just in case there is need.  

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